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Hi everyone,

I'm Mandi, the inspiration for Mandicatt Productions and this website. Unfortunately, I reside in spirit only.

At 8 years old, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer - both kidneys, inoperable - and my owner had to let me go. It was very hard on everyone, but I know she did everything possible to save me.

In fact, she was so in love with me, she created a company to preserve my memory. And we've grown...It's not just me anymore.

But I have the best storyline. My first book is about how I get rescued when I am stolen after showing off at the school science fair. It's really exciting and more suited for an older audience than Tyler's books, probably children 7 and above. I have a lot of fun and get to show off a lot of my talents. It should be coming out in about a year. You'll just have to be patient.....

Thanks for coming by and if you need to know anything, just Email me. I am the one in charge around here and I'll be the best one to answer.

Email should be available soon.

Best, Mandi 

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