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Mandi is the main character in the "Mandi the Computer Cat," children's book series. In her debut book, she performs at the school science fair and makes such a good impression, she is stolen! Her owner, 11 year old James and his best friend, Ian Stein, must save her before it's too late. James' younger brother, Jesse, gets in on the action and helps save the day. Coming soon.

Mandi's friend Tyler has his own series of books. In his first one, "Tyler's Holiday Hi-jinks" we see just how mischievous Tyler is, as his antics ruin Christmas for his family. Vivid, full-color pages bring you right inside Tyler's home so you, too, can be part of the fun!
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In Tyler's second book, "Tyler's Halloween Horror," the mischievous cat is chasing a fat mouse who runs inside a haunted house. Tyler follows the mouse inside and finds himself lost amid ghosts, goblins, skeletons and a ferocious spider that wants to make Tyler his dinner!

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